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Questions for your higher self.

Self-Actualization Through Questions For Your Higher Self.

I see people gathered around the sparks of your inner fire.

My Services

Leadershiplans – Creative Leadership Coaching

I help you surface and resolve your leadership barriers and free your path towards great impact.

At the end of a leadershiplan, you will find yourself at a different level of awareness in regard of your decisions, choices and actions.

It will be easier for you to see your actions at a systemic level and will courageously and creatively embrace your responsabilities.

Compass – Values Workshop

There is a certain depth of conversation around values, superior to any behaviour-based dialogue.

The workshop aims to no less than help managers and leaders allign their behaviours to their own values and to organization’s values.

I am certified as an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant using Values & Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), fully certified for values, cultural & leadership assessment and development.

Inquiring Leadership – Improv Theater Workshop

Inquiring Leadership represents the kind of curious, conscious, collaborative, coaching-like leadership of the last years and of the future.

Being able of asking and listening more than directing gives any leader the best way toward the hearts and minds of his followers. You will get the shift from the Judger Attitude to the Learner Attitude.

Theatrical Improv taught me and others what is like to really listen, at a profound and authentic level – your own inner dialogue and others’. It enriches your empathy, social skills, trust and is a totally fun and joyous activity.

Meetingful – Live Team Coaching

It is the 3 hour intervention in an intense regime of live coaching of a team/ group, for the radical efficiency improvement of a regular department meeting.

We will start from calculating the real costs of the meeting, we’ll continue with a Meetingful Survey and then a live facilitation of a real meeting occurs, based on several iterations and recorded performance debriefs.

Ideathons – Business Ideas Generation

Creative Business Ideas, tangible or not, are the most important assets to win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Ideathons are 3 hours burst ideas generation sessions in team/ group coaching and facilitation.

The Leadership Spark Ideathons reached several hundreds iterations during the last 10 years. More on integral innovation here.

Harvard Management – Business Cases Facilitation

There’s not better learning than studying the best.

Management is a matter of practice and continuous learning from history lessons, not loosing sight of the present problems and vision of the future.

This is a series of workshops facilitated in a coaching style, around specific Harvard School business cases, relevant to your industry.

The Leadership Spark leadership book integral innovation management creative leadership

George Bragadireanu is an International Coaching Federation Professional Coach, focusing on rekindling the spark within.

8500 participants in the last 7 years. We recommend George to any company looking for solid and structured courses, tailored to the needs and aligned with the organization, interactive and providing relevant examples.

Diana Bocșaru, Head Of Training, Dacia-Renault

I recommend George Bragadireanu for any individual or group learning approach where there is a need for sincerity, awareness or crossing barriers.

Ioana Olteanu, Head of Training, Auchan

The participants appreciate his charisma and informal approach, incredible creativity and especially his challenging style that pushes one out of the comfort zone in order to grow.

Cătălina Schenzel, HR Director, Logistics

I’d love to show you how questions may spark your life.

The Leadership Spark Questions for your higher self.

George Bragadireanu

Professional coach since 2010, PCC/ ICF & European EUCF/EANLPT Master NLPt Coach, internationally certified in business, transpersonal, integral, performance and NLPt coaching, with over 700 hours of preparation and over 1,000 hours of practice, author of The Leadership Spark, values consultant.

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