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The collaboration with George was about recognizing my strengths, reducing to eliminating the blind-spots and becoming a more self-aware leader. George has the notable ability to ask exactly the right questions in order to provoke deep self-reflection which ultimately will lead to positive change. I feel fortunate to have had George as my executive coach! I want to take a moment to thank you again for all your work with me! 

Brândușa Lupașcu, Global VP Of Finance & Legal

It is my greatest honor and pleasure to recommend George, whom I know for almost 7 years already, since the beginning of his coaching career, after an impressive and well reputed professional activity. George is an excellent training and coaching professional which puts a lot of effort and dedication into knowing the person who is coached and adapting the approach and techniques to each client. Also, he is not giving up easily on the more difficult challenges his clients are facing and he is not delivering a predefined standard approach. He reads a lot being very knowledgeable about the new approaches in the field of coaching. In this world where many professionals are just taking the coaching path as a way out, George really has a calling for it.

Ștefan Alexandru Frangulea, Experienced Corporate Finance and General Management Executive


Îl recomand pe George Bragadireanu pentru orice demers de invatare individuala sau de grup unde este nevoie de sinceritate, constientizare sau trecere peste bariere.

Ioana Olteanu, Head of Training FMCG

We have been working with George for training and coaching sessions for 2 years already, and he is a great partner to us. As HR, I appreciate the great flexibility he shows in designing the programs and adapts the content to suit our development needs, because he really understands our company culture. I can feel he goes the extra mile and is personally engaged in our partnership, challenging also himself to deliver even better programs. The participants appreciate his charisma and informal approach, incredible creativity and especially his challenging style that pushes one out of the comfort zone in order to grow. It is a real pleasure to work with George and to see how the employees develop in time thanks to the programs they did together! 

Cătălina Schenzel, HR Director, Logistics

 “Relationarea in lucrul in echipa si in transversal”, “Gestionarea stresului”, “Initiativa si creativitate”, “Prezentari in fata unui public”, Gestionarea schimbarii”, “Orientarea spre rezultat” au adus in sala peste 8500 persoane in ultimii 7 ani. Participantii ne spun ca pe langa expertiza, impartasirea experientelor personale relevante si orientarea permanenta spre realizarea obiectivelor formarii, George are abilitatea de a captiva si de a mentine interesul viu. 

În concluzie, il recomandam pe George oricarei companii care vizeaza cursuri solide si structurate, adaptate nevoilor si aliniate valorilor organizationale, interactive si ancorate cu exemple relevante.

Diana Bocșaru, Sef department Dezvoltare Competente Group Renault Romania

Attending George’s Leader coach training session was an interesting and useful opportunity to analyze and asses how much from what we are doing daily is pozitive, uplifting and encouraging for the the activity and the persons with whom we are working and what is the degree of non-constructive energy that we are bringing in the same professional enviroment. George, using his experience, ability and a very well structured course, managed to create situations, invisible „mirrors”, in which we were capable to identify what are the good skills that we already posses, should keep and take to next level in our work and what are the areas that needs to be addressed  and improved, so we can build, together with our colleagues, a pleasant and productive business environment. George created a very interactive, comfortable, friendly and playful learning session, that generated for the participants a very nice training experience. Thank you, George, for all the things you shared and from which I learned and improved myself!

Ramona Mănăilescu, Head of IS Quality and Change, FMCG

Ca adulti, dar mai ales ca profesionisti, constanta in formare si adaptare pastrand obiceiurile bune „is a must”. Formarea cu George ne aduce/ readuce autenticitatea in actiuni, pozitionari si perspective. A great leader deserves a great coach!

Cătălina Petre, Head of Nonfood, FMCG

Am participat la cursul de Leader Coach sustinut de George si sunt bucuros sa impartasesc ca am descoperit un trainer profesionist si pasionat care a reusit sa ma captiveze prin discurs, cunostinte si abordarea unor subiecte ce depasesc granitele unei formari standard. Felicitari George pentru atitudine, transparenta si spiritul pozitiv! Il recomand cu incredere pe George tuturor celor care au nevoie de un trainer pentru a anima, motiva si creste nivelul de implicare personal sau al echipelor.

Laurențiu Furtună, eCommerce Director, FMCG

Recomand cu incredere cursul lui George, “Leader Coach”. Este unul complet, cu informatii bine structurate, dar poate cel mai important este un curs care te face sa reflectezi asupra lucrurilor care conteaza intr-adevar pentru tine si care te definesc atat pe plan profesional, cat si pe plan personal. George este un profesionist consacrat care te va scoate din rutina si te va face sa-ti adresezi intrebarile potrivite in asa fel incat sa-ti reamintesti sau sa-ti redobandesti valorile care sunt in repaus. Merci, George! Tine sus munca buna, cum ar spune americanii. 🙂

Marius Panaite, Import Manager, FMCG

Am avut plăcerea ca astăzi sa-l cunosc pe George, in cadrul unui curs despre Leader Coach. Am descoperit o persoana plină de energie, spontana și dedicată. Pe lângă multele tehnici pe care le stăpânește și le îmbina in mod intuitiv are un talent natural pentru aceasta activitate. Îl recomand cu caldura tuturor celor care doresc o dezvoltare personală și profesională. Mulțumesc George!

Valentin Gealapu, Director Magazin, FMCG

George is a positive person with a shiny personality. He was trainer for 2 courses that I’d followed: Initiative and Creativity and Presentations in front of a public. I’m also looking forward to attend his other courses he doses for DACIA. I really liked his courses, because behind the theoretical knowledge I’d got , George succeeded in making us feel appreciated for our qualities.

Ana Marin, Process Responsible, Automotive

Am urmat de curand cursul de Leader Coach al lui George.Doresc sa il felicit pentru prestatia lui, fiind placut surprinsa denaturaletea, adaptabilitatea la auditoriu si de asumarea lucrurilorspuse si prezentate. George este una dintre acele putinepersoane care „trezesc oamenii” 🙂

Gabriela Vasilescu, Director, FMCG

Coaching Pentru Comunicare

George Bragadireanu

De 8 ani coach profesionist de nivel PCC/ ICF și Master Coach NLPt EUCF/ EANLPT, triplu certificat internațional în coaching de business, life, performance, integral și NLPt, cu peste 1.000 de ore de formare și peste 1.000 de ore de practică.

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